In this wonderful word of technology it’s fantastic that you can now apply for and receive your marriage licence totally on line.

This can save you time as you no longer have to go into a Dept. of Internal Affairs office to sign anything.

You can apply for your licence as late as 3 working days before your wedding (not that I’d recommend that under normal circumstances though).

Once you have applied for, and been granted your marriage licence it is valid for 3 months, i.e. you must get married within 3 months or you will have to apply for and pay for a new licence.  Your licence can be emailed to you or direct to your celebrant.  Along with your licence will be 2 other documents called particulars of marriage (BDM45 and BDM45a).  These documents will be used on your big day.  You, your celebrant and your witnesses will all sign them.  Your celebrant will then return one copy to Births Deaths and Marriages for your marriage to be recorded.  One copy will be handed to you.  This is proof of your marriage so is a very important document.

I always set a reminder date when a couple appoints me as their celebrant.  I then email you a reminder about a month before your wedding letting you know it is a good time to apply.

Your marriage licence is not the same as a marriage certificate.  This is different.  You can choose to have a marriage certificate when you apply for the licence by ticking a box.  If you do this a certificate will be sent to you after your wedding.   It’s not needed but see my blog on the difference between proof of marriage and marriage certificate or give me a call for more info.

To apply for your marriage licence on line click on this link to Dept. of Internal affairs

Civil Union Licences must still be applied for using a paper form ( correct as at Feb 2019).

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