Training & Qualifications

Congratulations, you’re getting married.  One of the biggest decisions you now have to make is who will actually marry you.

There are lots of Celebrants to choose from so what do you look for and how do you choose?

First and foremost all celebrants have to be officially registered with the New Zealand Dept. of Internal Affairs.  It’s easy to find a celebrant through BDM (Births, Deaths and Marriages) or if you have found a Celebrant elsewhere you can check if there registration is current.  Check out my link at BDM here.

Another consideration is how well trained your celebrant is.  Many celebrants in New Zealand have chosen to study for the Certificate or Diploma in Celebrant Studies through one of the 2 celebrant training establishments.  It’s not compulsory to undertake this training so if your celebrant has one of these qualifications you can be sure you are in good hands, they have been trained to write ceremonies legally, creatively, and with cultural sensitivity and help with writing your vows.  I’m proud to say I have studied and attained the Certificate in Celebrant Studies.

Is your celebrant a paid up member of CANZ the Celebrants Association of New Zealand.  It’s not compulsory to be a member.  If your celebrant is, this is another indication they are professional and committed to their work for you.  All CANZ celebrants are bound by a code of ethics.  Being a member of CANZ means they are also part of a network of other professionals who they can liaise with or call on if needed, e.g. what if your celebrant falls sick on the day of your ceremony, do they have a network to call on to step in and replace them.

If your Celebrant displays the VCANZ logo this means they are a validated member of CANZ.  This means they have been assessed as having committed to and passed a process of continuing education.  Check out my Validated membership at CANZ with this link.

Once you know you have a trained and registered celebrant……..what else?  There are other considerations, follow my other blogs to help you decide.  And if you have a question not covered in my blogs, contact me, I will happily answer any questions.

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