What resources does my celebrant have for the ceremony?

One of the biggest complaints from wedding guests is that they didn’t hear any of the ceremony, especially the wedding vows.

You may have a lot of guests who have made a real effort to be with you on your special day, they may have travelled from afar.  There may also be some older family members who are not quite as good at hearing as they used to be.

It’s surprising how many wedding venues have a sound system but the microphone does not work outdoors; that’s great for your reception, but what about the all important ceremony, your actual wedding.

A celebrant who has invested in their own portable PA system really cares that your wedding is a success and that all your guests are able to hear you commit to each other.

What else?

Ask me about the various resource is have in my “celebrant wedding kit” built up from experience of weddings I have officiated at.  Below is just a taster……………..

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