I have seen so many questions and posts on various wedding sites that I decided to experiment on this one so that I can answer with a level of confidence and experience.

Brides wanted to know, how soon in advance you can prepare natural confetti?, how long does it last? and what are the best leaves, flower petals to use?

So here are my results.

Leaves providing green coloured confetti:-  I tested the following leaves, a rose bush, a hydrangea, a camelia and a lily leaf.  In the absence of a craft punch I just used a normal hole punch.  I stored the confetti in zip lock bags.

By far the best success was with leaves that are “waxier” than others,  Camelia and rose leaf lasted over 6 weeks and were still going strong when I threw them in the compost.  The other 2 leaves didn’t perform that well and went brown within days.

For petals I tried the following; roses, sunflowers, geraniums, fuchsia’s, hydrangeas.

Best performing petals in order were, roses, hydrangeas, geraniums, sunflowers, fuchsia’s.

I didn’t store these in ziplock bags, I merely kept them in bowls on the kitchen table.  All lasted a week before looking past their best.


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