A marriage is the joining together of 2 people who may be from 2 different cultures.  It’s wonderful as a celebrant to be able to “weave” a ceremony that incorporates elements from 2 different beliefs or cultural backgrounds into one celebration.

Being from a different country myself, but so loving and appreciating the Maori culture and the pounamu carvings, I’m excited to share something from my culture of Wales.

In Wales we have this wonderful romantic tradition, the custom of giving Lovespoons as a token of affection.  This custom began in Wales in the 16th Century. They were given to a loved one as a courting gift (in a similar way to a bouquet of flowers or a love letter!).

Much like the pounamu carvings, each love spoon carving has a meaning.

When I visit Wales this year I am going to seek out a suitable Lovespoon to bring back with me.  One of my lucky 2019 brides will receive it from me as a gift.

Will it be you?

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