Getting married in New Zealand involves the following documents

  1. Marriage Licence (Compulsory)
  2. Particulars of Marriage (2 copies accompany your licence)
  3. Marriage certificate (Optional)

In order to be married in NZ you have to apply for a licence.  This is a document that is your permission to marry.

When you apply for your licence (see my previous blog\post) you will be sent your licence and 2 other documents which are called Particulars of Marriage\Civil Union.  These latter documents will be the ones used by your celebrant on the day of your marriage or civil union, they will be signed by you both, your witnesses and the celebrant.

Your celebrant will send one copy of the Particulars of Marriage back to the Dept. of Internal affairs and hand one copy to you.  You must keep this document safe as it is proof of your marriage.  It is a legal document and for the most part is all you need to legally prove you are married.

There are some organisations however who insist that you produce a Marriage Certificate as proof of marriage when you update your details on some documents such as drivers licence and passport.

When applying for your Licence check the box that says you would like a Certificate, this way it will be sent to you after your celebrant has sent your Particulars of Marriage back to the Dept. of Internal Affairs.   If you don’t check the box don’t worry, a Marriage Certificate can be ordered at any time on line, or civil union certificates can be ordered by phone.

The 2 documents, i.e. Particulars of Marriage and Certificate look very similar.

Check back for the next blog which will explain the name son the documents.

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